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Statistics for Chemists
CST-10 Quadrupole
CD-based training program

This program uses interactive training methods to teach analytical chemists to understand and use Statistics, taking the trainee step by step through various statistical techniques. Worked examples allow trainees to enter their own data.

1) Measurement: Statistical Means and Standard Deviations, Error Distributions, Mean Sampling, Confidence Limits and Error Propagation.

2) Significance Testing: Mean comparison, Paired t-test, Tailed tests, F-test, Data rejection, Grubbs Test, ANOVA, Chi Squared and Normal distribution.

3) Sampling & QC: Separation of Variance, Sampling, Inter-laboratory variation and Control charts.

4) Regression Techniques: Calibration graphs, Correlation, Linear regression, Errors, Detection limits, Standard Additions and Non-Linear Regression.

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