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Fischer Projections College Chemistry CD-based tutorials

• Over 200 hours of study material • Hundreds of 3-D visual demonstrations, movies, animations and sound effects • User-friendly interface for easy navigation • Calculator, glossary, key word searches, note pad, periodic table data-tables • Concise voice comments • Interactive exercises • Quizzes • Critically acclaimed by renowned Journals and chemistry professors.

General Chemistry                                                                CCM-10
Principles, Kinetic theory of gases, Equilibrium, Acids & bases, Thermodynamics, Quantum mechanics, Bonding, Kinetics, Solids, Main group elements, Transition elements, Atoms and ions, Nomenclature, Stoichiometry, Reactions, Solutions, Organic chemistry, Biochemistry.

Physical Chemistry                                                                CCM-20
Nature of physical chemistry, Laws of thermodynamics, Equilirium, Electrochemical cells, Chemical kinetics, Composite mechanisms, Quantum mechanics and Atomic structure, the Chemical bond, Statistical mechanics, the Solid state.

Organic Chemistry                                                                CCM-30
Overview, Stereochemistry, Chemical Bonds & Hybridization, Acid-base reactions, Organic reaction types, Nomenclature, Alkenes, Ethers, Aromatic Compounds, Aldehydes and keytones, Carboxylic acids, Amines, Biochemistry

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